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Why Should Become an Affiliate for Memoir Helper Products?

  • There are people in every walk of life, including your audience, who have stories that need to be preserved and shared but don't have a clue how to do it.
  • We offer easy-to-use products that make preserving life stories easy.
  • You'll receive a 50% commission on every product for which you are approved.
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How to Join

We use the JVZoo platform for all of our products. If you are already a JVZoo Affiliate, just click any of the "Become an Affiliate" links below and simply "Request Affiliate Approval" when you get to JVZoo.

If you're not already a JVZoo Affiliate, click any of the "Become an Affiliate" links below. When you get to JVZoo, click the "Login" button on the middle of the page. Then click the "Sign up for free!" link below the Login form. After you've signed up, click the "Request Affiliate Approval" link. If you don't see it there, simply come back to this page and click through again.


  • Affiliate Approval - We manually approve affiliates, so when you sign up, let us know how you plan to promote the product.
  • All of our products offer a 30-Day Refund period, so unless we've worked with you before, payouts will be held during that time.
  • Reserve the right to disable affiliate link if it is not being used in a way that is consistent with our values.


Online Memoir Workbook (view Sales Page) - Easy-to-Use with hundreds of memory prompts. It's highly customizable, supports unlimited text and photos and is cross-platform. Instantly creates beautifully formatted Word and PDF versions of your life stories. When you are approved for this 25% off of 1 Year product, you will also be approved for all other versions of the online Memoir Workbook. Become an Affiliate!

Write Your Life Stories in 30 Days (view Sales Page) - This workbook provides step-by-step guidance for writing a memoir or other life stories project. It's not just for those looking to get it done quickly! Become an Affiliate!